TV4 to air the true crime documentary The DNA Detective

November 13, 2020

The DNA Detective: On the morning of October 19, 2004, Mohamad Ammouri, 8, and Anna-Lena Svenson, 56, were murdered in central Linköping, Sweden’s eighth biggest city. After the assassination of Prime Minister Olof Palme, the investigation that follows is the largest and most comprehensive in Swedish criminal history. This is the story of how a 16 year long, extremely laborious and seemingly unending search for a murderer, is solved in just a couple of months thanks to the talent and perseverance of a single genealogist — the very first time in Europe that genealogy is used to track down a murderer, but certainly not the last, as this case promises to revolutionise murder investigations forever.

Despite the fact that the killer’s blood is found on the murder weapon and hair samples are found on the hat he dropped at the scene, the police never manage to track him down. A phantom image of the wanted man is produced and over 40,000 documents are created by the investigation and when things begins to go idle, talented colleagues from other police districts in the country are asked to look at the case with new eyes. Over the 16 years since the investigation began, a total of 6,500 people submit DNA samples, but it is not until genealogist Peter Sjölund joins the investigation, that the final swab can be taken on 9 June 2020 and the case can finally be solved.

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