Bytt är Bytt (Trash or Treasure)

Trash or treasure is a big money gameshow, where it pays off to know what’s valuable and what’s not. The show’s antique expert has found 8 antique objects from all corners of the country, with the least valuable item being worth 50€ and the most valuable object being worth a staggering 50.000€. In each show a couple competing together is faced with eliminating each of the antiques, one after the other until there is only one left – winning the amount of money matching the value of the final item. And the big question is: will that object be the jackpot earning them 50.000€?


Creator: Cem Yeter


TV4, Sweden (6 seasons and still on air)

DR, Denmark

SBS6, Netherlands

DeeJay, Italy

ABC, USA (pilot)